Water Sanitation & Hygiene

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(a) At community Level

AFRIcai promotes community-based hand-washing and healthy practice through a variety of media and through community volunteers. AFRIcai have introduces innovative and low-cost water and sanitation technologies, and promotes appropriate hygienic behaviors at the community level. Sawa water Solutions helps bring safe drinking water to low-income communities with a simple water purification technology called solar water disinfection (SODIS). Sawa water solution uses the UV and heat from the sun to kill the disease-causing microorganisms in the water and make safe for drinking after 4 hours. The program also develops practical models of sustainable WASH service delivery; and increases the capacity of national and regional institutions to replicate these approaches and models throughout the country.                                                 

(b) WASH Project in Schools

AFRIcai work directly with schools and health-care facilities to improve access to basic water,    sanitation and hand washing facilities especially during Covid 19 we supplied…..in Coastal region. We support menstrual health and hygiene in schools by constructing private, secure sanitation and washing facilities as well as menstrual pad disposal facilities. We also provide education and support services that help more girls better manage their menstruation cycle.